Bundles and Bible Study Notes


Ladies and Gentlemen 

Please bear with me as I balance and manage my blog, youtube, career, side hustles and so much more lol. its 2023 and we're all trying to maintain. 

I promise by the end of the year I will be a master at blogging. It's actually a dream I've had since my early 20's the concept and purpose is just hitting me in my early 30's ( thats a word in itself). 

Any how I am going to start posting my bible study notes here on my website the study/video  will be on Youtube titled "Bundles and Bible Study" 

For now you can screen shot or write notes down. Soon I'll figure out how to add a printable widget for better downloads. But in the mean time Let's get started. 


Ok so I started Bundles and Bible study last year in 2022 with my...

First Series featured one episode titled "The Beauty of Time Management" 2022

Second Series  featured 3 episodes titled:  Obedience, Discipline &  Success 2023 

Our third series will Kick off this May 2023(cant wait) 


Notes from Second Series: 

Obedience, Discipline and Success is a 3 week series where we studied the principals from a Godly Kingdom view!  

Obedience: look up the Oxford Definition and I'll tell you the Kingdom definition: To hear, to Listen, to obey. 

Readings: Deuteronomy 6:18 and 28:1-2 

Kingdom Principals:

1.)  The ten commandments lay foundation of being obedient and avoiding spiritual resistance.

2.) Obedience to God proves our love for Him 

3.) Obedience demonstrates faith. We show we trust God when we follow His word. 

4.) Obedience is  better than sacrifice: imagine giving all your time to the church, non profits, homeless but never actually following Gods order for your life. Maybe like making up with a family member or writing a book , etc. 

5.) Obedience glorifies God. 


Theses are some take aways please feel free to comment and share testimonies with us! This is an open conversation!  In the future again I will add more details! In the meantime head over to youtube and type in " Bundles and Bible study" to catch up and prepare for our new season!


-P.s Jasmine